Rübeland stalactite caves

A trip to the Rübeland stalactite caves is actually a must for every visitor to the Harz Mountains. Because here you can experience the whole mysticism of the mountain world in a unique atmosphere that transports you back to a long-forgotten geological age. The Baumannshöhle is the oldest show cave in Germany.
Famous German writer Goethe visited the cave several times and was enchanted and inspired by the unique stalactite formations. The entrance to the Hermannshöhle is only a five-minute walk away. Special highlights in the Hermannshöhle are the Olmensee, in which Germany's only grotto olms live, and the sparkling crystal chamber.

Opening times: It is best to inquire about the current opening times directly on the website of the stalactite caves, as these often vary.

Arrival: The stalactite caves can be reached from the Schlossberg Hotel in about 15 minutes by car via the B244. There are also buses from Wernigerode main station that you can use free of charge as an overnight guest. To the timetable information.

Address: Rübeland 38889 Elbingerode

Tip: There are also theater performances and concerts in the caves on a few times a year. These performances are cultural cave experiences with grandiose acoustics and breathtaking scenery!